ezimove's terms & conditions for premium payments, cancellation & refunds

No premium will be refunded on or after the Transit Date shown on the Policy certificate unless written evidence is supplied to the satisfaction of Limited by the firm contracted to undertake the transit, that the transit did not take place.

If cancellation is requested prior to the Transit Date, or after the Transit Date but complies with the above limitation, then a cancellation charge of 5% of the amount paid will be levied, subject to a minimum amount of $20 (plus GST if any), at the discretion of the Company. 

Should a partial refund of premium be applied for in the case of unused storage cover (must be in whole months unused), the service charge will be 5% of the refundable company premium, subject to a minimum of $20 (plus GST if any), at the discretion of the Company.

If the transit of goods is delayed, this will not invalidate the contract of insurance you have with Limited, and the Transit Date shall be moved forward by up to 30 days. Should the transit still not have taken place, you will need to contact us at to advise when the transit is to take place.  We will reply and confirm the acceptability or otherwise of the new Transit Date.

We reserve the right to decline any insurance placed with Limited prior to the Transit date shown on the Policy certificate.  Should this occur, we will advise cancellation to the email address supplied in the application, and a full refund of premium will be made.

May be paid by Visa, Mastercard or by direct credit.

Unpaid Premiums – Single Transit Policies:
For single transit policies issued by Limited, if the method of payment selected is by direct credit, the premium must be paid into the ezimove bank account within 48 hours of policy issue but on no account later than the Date of Transit, unless by prior agreement from ezimove. 

Failure to do so will automatically result in the insurance policy being declared void from inception.  No money = no cover.

An email advising cancellation from inception will be sent to the email address to which the policy was issued.  However, any failure on our part to send such advice shall not alter the fact of a policy being void from inception if the premium is unpaid. 

The policy may be reinstated upon payment of the premium in full provided that it is received prior to the transit commencing, and only with our specific approval.


We provide shipping insurance for household and other goods in transit 24/7, with a service guarantee for claims.

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