ezimove transit insurance 24/7 and how to make a claim

Transit insurance, moving insurance & shipping insurance.

Insurers rarely take over ownership of cargo which is lost or damaged. Cargo remains the property of either the exporter or the importer, depending on the terms of the commercial contract of sale.

If you are going to submit an insurance claim, you have an obligation to minimise any financial loss that arises from loss or damage to your property. If you do not do this, you may be prejudicing your insurance claim.

For Move NZ or Transit NZ policies
If your goods do not turn up when expected or show damage on arrival, please call Vero Marine Insurance, 24/7, toll free on 0508 856 856, and quote the ezimove policy certificate number. They will advise what is required and the excess payable.

If the cargo is Temperature Sensitive please click here to contact Vero Marine Insurance urgently, with details of the loss or potential loss.

For claims on imports into NZ  
If your goods arrive in New Zealand damaged or do not turn up in New Zealand, please call Vero Marine Insurance 24/7 toll free on 0508 856 856, and quote the ezimove policy certificate number. They will advise what is required and the excess payable.

For all other claims where NZ was not the destination please click here.  This will let you choose a Claims Agent in the country of domicile to handle your claim.

If you are unable to locate a Claims Agent in your country of domicile, please click here to contact Vero Marine Insurance

The helpful claims people at Vero will advise which Claims Agent has been appointed to handle your claim, or may decide to deal with you direct.  Whichever method is chosen, your claim will be handled by experts. 

You may need to complete an initial claim advice (often called a Pro-Forma Claim) right away for sending to Vero, which can be scanned and attached to an email or faxed.

Vero or the Claims Agent will need the following:
1. Copy of your ezimove policy certificate.

2. Copy of any initial notice of claim - please click here for the PDF of this form.

3.  A completed claim form-

    - please click here for a Household Goods & Personal Effects Claim Form in PDF format.

    - for other claims, please click here for a General Claim Form in PDF format.

4.  If applicable, the valuation/proposal completed on-line (for Household Goods & Personal Effects) or vehicle pre-shipment report (for vehicles or caravans)

5. If using a Claims Agent in a country other than New Zealand, that person will need to know that Vero Marine Insurance in New Zealand is underwriting the insurance.

The contact details for Vero Marine Insurance in NZ are:
Phone No:   +64 9 363 2600

Fax No:       +64 9 363 2601


We provide shipping insurance for household and other goods in transit 24/7, with a service guarantee for claims.

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