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JOIN our free Affiliate Carrying Companies (referral) program today and earn commission when your customers purchase from us.

There are two ways to do this.
1. By asking your customer to login to your website and then clicking on the ezimove icon on your site.  There is absolutely nothing else YOU have to do.
Your customer can shop online and complete the transaction through to policy issue 24/7. It really is so easy, with policy documentation emailed directly to your insured customer the instant the order has been placed and premium paid.
Premiums are payable on-line by credit card or direct credit.

2. The second method to generate referral commissions is for you to login to via your own website, and obtain a quote for your customer. Getting a quote takes only a few minutes, with no paperwork to complete. However please note that, for household goods in transit outside of New Zealand, an online "valuation list and proposal" must be completed.
Click here to download a specimen "valuation list and proposal". has a worldwide claims service guarantee that is backed by our partner Vero Marine Insurance NZ, which insures all policies issued by us. If loss or damage occurs in New Zealand, or goods destined for New Zealand do not arrive, your customers call Vero Marine on a toll free number to report the claim.
For claims outside of New Zealand, customers enter the CLAIMS page on our website for simple web based instructions that will let them chose a claims settling agent in the country of domicile.

YOU need not get involved in any after sales service or with claims, but because of our unique partnership with Vero Marine coupled with our claims service guarantee, you can rest assured that your customers will be well looked after.
They will thank you for referring them to us.

Affiliates earn a minimum of 5% in referral commission on the company premium component of all qualifying sales revenue made through their links (i.e. excludes all applicable government levies, taxes and GST). Commissions earned are paid monthly by direct credit into the Affiliate's nominated bank account.

Once you join the program, you will be able to view your traffic and earnings report online. Reports are updated daily.

Please click here to view our plain English Affiliate Agreement.

Participation is easy and free, so join today by completing the online Affiliate Contact Form below and we can set you up promptly so you start earning referral commissions. Another plus is that you are under no obligation to generate a certain volume of business to remain an Affiliate.

We will provide access to an e-manual together with links for you to upload on to your website. This is a comprehensive manual in electronic form, which should cover just about any question you might have.
However, we will be happy to answer any queries you or your customer might have.

When applying to become an Affiliate, we suggest you choose your company's email as the "username".  The "password" needs to be between 4 and 8 characters long.
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We provide shipping insurance for household and other goods in transit 24/7, with a service guarantee for claims.

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