Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

By joining as an Affiliate, you will be asked to signify on behalf of the firm or organisation you represent, agreement to those terms and conditions following.

If you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and wish to sign up, please click here to return to the Affiliate home page. Thank You.

This agreement is between: Limited (“”, “we”, “us” or “our”), and

You (“Affiliate”, “you” or “yourself”) (the Parties)

Background is an insurance Underwriter, and with the consent of Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd, provides simple and cost effective cargo insurance locally and internationally, via a dedicated website, 24/7.

We are a "Business to Consumer" provider of moving insurance for household goods and general cargo in transit. We can insure personal possessions, vehicles, caravans, motorcycles, personal watercraft, boats and boat trailers in transit anywhere in the world, provided that New Zealand or island nations of the South Pacific are the source or destination of transits.

Moving insurance for household goods and personal effects and business goods in transit either across town or shipped to other parts of NZ is available online 24/7.

Quotes are free and take only a few minutes. Policies issued instantly 24/7 on acceptance and payment by the customer, with documentation emailed directly to the customer following approved payment by direct credit or credit card.

Vero Insurance NZ Ltd underwrites all policies issued by us, and provides the backing for our Claims Service Guarantee.


1. Affiliate to refer Prospects to

The Affiliate may know, or from time to time refer people, businesses or organisations needing insurance to cover goods being shipped to another address, to us.

We aim for a "Win/Win" outcome, where your Prospect genuinely needs insurance and you will have helped them by referring to us and will reward the Affiliate for any referrals which result in a sale of our insurance products.

2. Normal referral method to be used by the Affiliate

You may place a banner, classified advertisement or full web page that links to our website on your website. We will track via our automated website all prospects resulting from these links. 

For examples of email linking materials with, please click here.

By connecting to through your own website, you can provide quotes for your customers. If they subsequently chose to proceed, you can easily bring up the quote via the Member's page by logging on, clicking on the appropriate quote, and placing the order on their behalf.

Details of how to process quotes and insurance are contained in our "e-manual" on our website. We will track via our automated website all prospects resulting from these links.

However, if you invite a Prospect to contact us directly to arrange the insurance for them, we will process quotes from the ezimove site, and no commission will be payable to an Affiliate where sales occur. 

We will be happy to answer any queries a customer may have and if they then logon to the Affiliate's website, or ask the Affiliate to process the sale, this will generate commission for the Affiliate.

3. Promotion of by the Affiliate

There is no obligation on the Affiliate to actively promote

If you wish to undertake any promotional activity to generate a larger number of prospects we ask you to please contact us in advance.

4. Affiliate Commissions

The Affiliates program is valuable to us, as referral business is superior to most other forms of customer contact. Accordingly, we recognise your contribution to our business by paying commission equal to 5% (five percent) of any premium charged to your Prospect (no commission is payable on Government Levies or GST), for products or services sold to your Prospect as a result of direct referral from your website.

You can instruct us to have the Affiliate commission paid directly to yourself or to any other nominated party.

5. Payment Terms

We recognise sales when the customer has paid us and we have confirmed that the money is in our bank account. Once the full premium has been received we will pay either yourself or to any other nominated party.

To keep the paperwork simple, we settle all commission earned on a monthly payment cycle, and within 30 days of the end of each calendar month.

6. Tracking

We take responsibility for tracking all referrals made by our Affiliates through the Affiliate System and make any commission payments accordingly.


7. Our Commitment to You

We offer a Claims Service Guarantee on claims so that your customers can be assured of quality after sales service if they have to make a claim. We want your customers to thank you for introducing them to us. Please click here to view the Claims Service Guarantee.

8. Limitation of Liability

We accept no liability whatsover for misuse by the Affiliate of our website or for issuing an incorrect policy or providing any form of insurance advice whatsoever. However, we will make every endeavour to correct and re-issue a policy correctly on your client's behalf should this be required.

We accept no liability for the failure of our website to operate in the normal manner for whatever reason but will endeavour at all times to keep it fully operational and functional as it was designed.

9. Governing Laws

The Laws of New Zealand shall apply to this Agreement.

Should any disputes arise between the Affiliate and Limited, which we cannot agree on how to fix, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Limited.  This is a free service that will help resolve any disagreements.  You can contact them at:
Name of scheme: Financial Services Complaints Limited
Address:  PO Box 5967, Lambton Quay, Wellington 6145 or 13th floor, 45 Johnston Street, Wellington
Telephone Number:0800347257 or (04) 4723725
Fax Number: (04) 4723728

10. Code of Conduct and Disclosures

We are more than happy for you to issue an insurance policy on your client’s behalf, on the express condition that the Policy Schedule and wording, and where applicable the "valuation list and proposal", are emailed immediately to your client.

If you charge your client any fees over and above the total billed by us, that must be disclosed. If your firm or organisation will also receive commission, that fact too must be disclosed by you. This is a requirement under the New Zealand Secret Commissions Act 1910.

If you do not charge any extra fees on top of the amount billed by us, you do not need to disclose that you are being paid a referral commission, unless it should be required by the law of the country in which your business is domiciled, if outside of New Zealand.

11. Confidentiality

Any information disclosed to the Affiliate for the purposes of completing an insurance policy must not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to a third party. We will abide by the Privacy Statement contained on our website for all transactions.

12. Exclusivity

By becoming an Affiliate, you agree not to offer any insurance to third parties that would be in competition with's insurance products.

13. Term of this Agreement

There is no specific term to this agreement, or obligation on you to refer a minimum number of potential customers to Either Party may terminate this agreement at any time by written or email notice to the other.

14. Updates to this Agreement may update this Agreement at any time, by posting the updated terms on its website and notifying the Affiliate by email. Continued referral by the Affiliate of prospects to constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

15. Acceptance of Agreement Terms and Conditions

This agreement governs the relationship between the Parties, and by registering as an Affiliate with Limited, You signify acceptance of its terms and conditions.

To join

If you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and wish to sign up, please click here to return to the Affiliate home page.

We provide shipping insurance for household and other goods in transit 24/7, with a service guarantee for claims.

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