10 Reasons to use Ezimove

1. Claim Service Guarantee
If loss or damage occurs in transit and your claim is accepted, Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd will tell you how the claim is to be settled within 5 (five) working days of receiving all the documentation requested, or no excess shall be payable. 

2. Price with Cover

Save up to 30% or more on insurance costs when compared with quotes for insurance direct from Professional Carriers, simply by insuring with ezimove. 

Our household goods in transit policies automatically cover mechanical and electrical derangement and do not include a "pairs and sets "clause.  Other providers of household removal insurance typically charge between 10% and 20% more for these two "extras".

Insurance when moving house or for shipping other goods in transit can be expensive, but at ezimove, we have cut that cost without compromising on quality or service.

Ask your Carrier to split costs between removal and insurance, then compare with us. NB: You do not have to take the insurance offered by Carriers.

3. No hidden fees

No hidden fees or extra charges are included in our quotes.

Many Carriers and other intermediaries charge additional fees on top of the true insurance premium, which is often not disclosed.  At ezimove, we have nothing to hide.  What you see is the true insurance cost and not a padded version.

Should you book insurance through a third party which uses ezimove, insist on having the policy schedule/tax invoice sent to you, and make sure you know beforehand what their booking fee will be.

4. Credible

Policies issued by ezimove are underwritten by Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd, which is the largest insurer of goods in transit in New Zealand.

Families moving house or businesses involved with international exports or imports, shipping by sea, air, road or rail freight, can rest assured that ezimove's partnership with Vero Insurance means that valid claims will be paid promptly.  Click here to view Vero's Financial Strength Rating (this provides you with a view of Vero's financial position and ability to pay claims).

5. Fast 

It takes only a few minutes from quote to policy issue. You “drive” the quote with policy issued on-line the instant payment is made.

Many people are "time poor", and when they want something they want it now.  Through ezimove, moving insurance is available 24/7, and you can issue your own policy instantly.

6. Secure

128 bit encryption payment gateway using the DPS secure site. Premiums can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Direct Credit.  It couldn't be simpler or safer.

7. Simple

ezimove's plain English policy wording with comprehensive cover is second to none. 

Our single transit policies are only two pages long, yet provide comprehensive cover tailored for the risk.  For example as mentioned earlier, with household goods in transit moving within New Zealand or internationally, no “pairs and sets” clause applies which is commonly included by competitors.  Not having a "pairs and sets" clause significantly enhances the cover offered by ezimove Also, free mechanical and electrical breakdown cover is included on household goods in transit policies, within NZ and worldwide.

8. Worldwide

ezimove can insure almost anything in transit (some limitations apply) within New Zealand, between Island nations of the South Pacific, and anywhere in the World, provided that NZ or the South Pacific Islands are the source or destination of goods in transit.

Families moving house within New Zealand, from NZ to Australia, or moving to any other country in the World can use ezimove.  Likewise, coming from Australia or the UK or any other country, to NZ is not a problem.

Anyone moving household goods and personal effects, importing or exporting vehicles, caravans, motorcycles, boats, or general cargo, by sea, air, road or rail will find the ezimove website easy to navigate.

9. Easy to Claim

Just dial an 0508 number to lodge a claim and Vero Insurance will take care of it for you.  For claims offshore, claims are driven from the ezimove website.  You select the claims settling agent depending on the country of domicile.

For importers or exporters, losing a shipment in transit can be expensive and your customers will want things fixed as soon as possible.  You need quick action on claims, but you don't want to waste a lot of time sorting out insurance. 

So avoid the hassle that often accompanies insurance claims by using ezimove for all your transit insurance requirements. You have our Claims Service Guarantee as per Item 1 above.

10. Paperwork minimised 

No proposal is required for any transit within New Zealand.  Only household goods moving internationally require a valuation list/proposal, which is completed on-line. 

We also provide a checklist when moving house which users will find useful.

For vehicles, a pre-shipment condition report is not essential but we recommend that vehicles be inspected prior to shipment.  It will reduce the excess for vehicles over a certain value.

Getting a Quote

For a new quote and to shop online please click on this link here.

If you are unsure as to which policy to use, the 4 policy options details the type of transit movement available and you need only click on the appropriate icon and shop online directly from this page.

To retrieve a quote already generated, click on the Login tab to open up the Members page. Login by entering your firm's email address as the "username", then the" password" (4 to 8 characters) which you selected. After login, you will be able to select which quote to open up. Once a quote has been opened up, you can either "accept", which takes you into the payment page, or "change details".

No paperwork is involved for any transit in New Zealand, nor for Transit International policies where motorcycles, personal watercraft or boats and boat trailers are selected to be insured. For vehicles or caravans in transit outside of New Zealand, we recommend that a "pre-shipment condition report" be completed because the policy excess is reduced, although the form is not essential.

For individuals and families moving from or to New Zealand with household goods and personal effects in transit, a "valuation list and proposal" must be completed online. Click on the link below under the "More Helpful Information" section to view a "valuation list and proposal" specimen of this online form.


Claims - the "How To" Guide

Please click here to enter the ezimove Claims page which details claims support, procedures and assitance.


Moving house is never easy but arranging the insurance for our move from Auckland to Christchurch could not have been simpler. It took just 5 minutes of effort and it was one less thing to think about.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, try looking in our FAQ page. 
Click here to view our FAQ page. If the answer still eludes you, please email us with your query by clicking here. We will be happy to answer it.


More Helpful Information

Click here to view "Tips On Moving."

Click here to view a "Checklist for Moving House."

Click here to view a "Valuation Guide for Household Goods in NZ", which shows values in NZ dollars of common household goods her in New Zealand.

Click here to view a specimen of the "Valuation List and Proposal" which is completed online for international transits of household goods.

Click here to view the "Vehicle Pre Shipment Condition Report" for vehicles and caravans in transit outside of New Zealand.

Click here to view Vero's Financial Strength Rating (this provides you with a view of Vero's financial position and ability to pay claims).

Click here to view ezimove's Terms and Conditions of Trade.

Click here to view the ezimove Privacy Policy.

Click here to find out about ezimove's "Vision and Values"

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We provide shipping insurance for household and other goods in transit 24/7, with a service guarantee for claims.

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